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Regional consultation

In 2015 MLA implemented a new Regional Consultation Framework for directing research, development and adoption (RD&A) investment for grassfed cattle and sheepmeat levies.

The aim of the Consultation Framework is to have a transparent, representative, cost-effective and systematic framework that underpins effective and relevant RD&A investment. The process was established to ensure national and regionally-relevant research, development and adoption priorities are identified to deliver optimum value back to grassfed beef and sheepmeat businesses and the red meat industry.

Today the process empowers grassfed beef and sheepmeat producers to directly influence the on-farm research, development and adoption activities their levies are invested in.

Levies from grainfed beef producers, goatmeat producers and the live export and processing sectors are directed to research, development and adoption projects under existing consultative structures involving peak industry councils.

Extensive consultation lies at the heart of identifying priority areas for research, development and adoption and then selecting relevant projects for funding.

The process starts with grassroots producers, who are encouraged to communicate with one of the 18 regional committees throughout Australia. These independent, producer-driven committees operate under three umbrellas: the North Australia Beef Research Council (NABRC), the Southern Australia Livestock Research Council (SALRC), and the Western Australia Livestock Research Council (WALRC).