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How we are governed

MLA is the declared industry marketing body and the industry research body under sections 60(1) and 60(2) of the Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Act.

Our marketing and research and development activities are guided by a robust corporate planning and reporting framework.

Corporate governance

MLA’s corporate governance framework is set by the Board. It is based upon the best interests of our members, the values of our organisation, MLA’s obligations set out under our Funding Agreement 2020-2030 with the Commonwealth of Australia, and in accordance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (4th edition).

This long established framework has been implemented to ensure MLA remains accountable to our stakeholders and that stakeholder interests are protected.

MLA’s governance arrangements are reviewed regularly to reflect industry developments, stakeholder expectations and regulatory and legislative changes. Read our corporate governance statement and documents and policies relevant to our corporate governance framework.

Corporate reporting

Annual Investment Plan

Annual Investment Plans are prepared each financial year to guide the practical delivery of MLA’s long-term investment priorities and outcomes, which are set out in MLA’s Strategic Plan 2025.

MLA’s Annual Investment Plan 2021-22 has been developed to inform levy payers, peak industry councils, the Australian Government and the wider industry about MLA’s planned work program.

Annual report

MLA's Annual Report 2020-2021 presents MLA’s activities, outcomes and financial performance during 2020-2021.

Performance reviews

Performance reviews are a requirement of MLA's agreement with the Australian Government which covers key areas of strategy setting, stakeholder consultation and corporate governance.

Evaluation and performance reviews are an important aspect of MLA’s five-year planning cycle. The latest independent review was the most comprehensive examination of MLA’s performance ever, and covered the five-year period to 2015.

Annual General Meeting

MLA strives to ensure all members have the opportunity to participate in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by rotating its location around the nation.

All MLA members are entitled to at least one vote at the AGM.

The 2020 AGM was held virtually on Thursday 19 November 2020.

The 2019 AGM was held in Tamworth, NSW and was preceded by Canberra, ACT (2018);  Alice Springs, NT (2017); Hahndorf, SA (2016); Brisbane, Queensland (2015); Sydney, NSW (2014); Wodonga, Victoria (2013); Fremantle, WA (2012); Longreach, Queensland (2011); Launceston, Tasmania (2010); Darwin, NT (2009); and Orange, NSW (2008).

Read our corporate documents.