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MLA Ambassadors for the Red Meat Industry Program

MLA Ambassadors for the Red Meat Industry Program

MLA Ambassadors for the Red Meat Industry Program

Applications are now open for the 2022-23 Ambassadors for the Red Meat Industry Program, an intensive development opportunity which offers participants professional training in community engagement, communication through media and social media, and building trust with consumers.

Who should apply and why?

The program is ideal for anyone in the red meat supply chain who is passionate about community engagement and outreach, and are keen to build their skills in:

  • COMMUNICATION: Learn how to develop content and participate in effective communication campaigns via social media, print and electronic media to share your story as well as your industry expertise.
  • BUILDING TRUST: Learn how to engage with the Australian community through values-driven conversations and engagement.
  • ENGAGEMENT: Learn about MLA’s community engagement activities and understand where you can participate to maximise your influence in industry promotion and discussion on best practice red meat production.

Program aims

MLA’s vision is to ensure the wider Australian population outside of agriculture recognises the vital role our industry plays in food production and trusts us to deliver high value, high quality products and to feel good about eating red meat.

As a result, MLA has developed the program, which is focused on creating ambassadors who have the skills, knowledge and confidence to engage with the community across a range of activities.

The aims of the program are to:

  • Develop a national network of industry champions who have the skills to engage via values-driven communication on behalf of the red meat industry.
  • Build awareness and understanding of sustainable and best practice red meat production and consumption.
  • Position the red meat industry as professional and progressive.
  • Drive positive engagement around food production.

What’s involved?

The program involves the following components:

  • CAPACITY BUILDING AND COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP: Participate in a two-day capacity building workshop which builds skills and knowledge in communication, trust and community engagement. Workshops will be held both in-person and online, depending on travel restrictions.
  • ENGAGEMENT PLANNING: Work with industry leaders to develop your own engagement plan to influence your local networks.
  • MENTORING: Participate in continued engagement with MLA through the program’s alumni.
  • OUTREACH: Participate in ongoing MLA outreach activities.

Program outcomes

Participants will gain new skills to effectively communicate with consumers in red meat production, industry sustainability and best practice farming. As a result of participating in this program, you will:

  • Gain insights in how the red meat industry is viewed by the Australian community.
  • Understand how to put your values at the centre of communication to build trust and engage authentically on behalf of the industry.
  • Develop skills to communicate via media and social media to share your story as well as your industry expertise.
  • Understand how MLA engages on behalf of the red meat industry and be able to be part of these exclusive events and opportunities.
  • Develop your industry networks and meet like-minded colleagues in other parts of the supply chain.

Once you have completed the program and its requirements, you will join a vibrant alumni of some of the Australian red meat industry’s top ambassadors where you can share ideas and learnings. This means you will be able to participate in online forums run by MLA especially for the alumni which will feature new information from MLA, learning from peers and discussion with special guest speakers.

Selection criteria

Applicants for this program must:

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • Be actively involved in the red meat supply chain and/or industry support roles, including grass-fed beef, grain-fed beef, sheep, goats, live export, transport, processing and brand owners.
  • Be able to demonstrate a vision and commitment to the red meat industry, and how this program will benefit both them and the community.
  • Be able to outline how they will use the skills developed either in their own networks or participation in MLA’s activities.
  • Be willing to participate in the alumni for future learning and development opportunities.
  • Be able to commit to one of the workshop date ranges below.
  • Complete the online application form.

Workshop in 2022-23 

While all workshops for the current financial year have been filled, MLA is encouraging submission of expressions of interest for a 2022-23 series.  

The workshops will feature two days of content delivery and a third day where participants will need to book a one-hour timeslot for media interview practice to enhance their skills as well as participate in a 30-minute group reflection session later in the day. 

Please note, due to demand for this program, applications will only be considered from people who are able to commit to attending all aspects of the program across the three days. 

Workshops will be held at a central location and advanced notice of dates will be provided to enable participation. The program will cover air travel, accommodation and meals while participants are asked to cover their own incidentals, as an investment in their ongoing professional development. 

How to apply 

Spaces are limited. To be considered for this program, please complete this online Expression of Interest form

The Ambassadors for the Red Meat Industry program is an MLA initiative and is delivered by AgCommunicators with support from The Livestock Collective.