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Profitable Grazing Systems

Profitable Grazing Systems (PGS) takes small groups of like-minded producers who want to improve their whole-farm performance and matches them with a deliverer who builds their knowledge, skills and experience through hands-on training.

PGS is a ‘user pays' program, with MLA contributing through the funding of a percentage of the participant cost. MLA also provides program delivery and promotional support

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Profitable Grazing Systems offers ready-to-go training packages, including:

  • PayDirt. A package developed to value-add to soil testing results and to help producers determine how to get the most bang for their fertiliser buck.
  • Dollar Making Decisions. Developed by Holmes Sackett, this package provides producers with the skills to take a disciplined and rational approach to capital allocation on-farm.
  • Dry Time Ready. This training will leave producers with a fully developed drought management strategy focused on production and resource allocation.
  • Business Essentials. Developed by Macquarie Franklin, participants will be upskilled in the fundamentals for managing the business side of a livestock enterprise.
  • Meat the Market. With a whole of supply chain focus, this package trains producers in improving lamb processing compliance and lifting meat eating quality.
  • Building Better Breeders. This package covers the A-Z of beef breeding in southern and temperate production zones while supporting producers to introduce and utilise eID in their operation.

Also available for delivery under licence to PGS are:

  • Lifting Lamb Survival. A package developed to give producers greater control over lambing and reproduction outcomes.
  • Pasture Principles. Producers follow the program for a 12-month pasture production cycle to learn a set of guiding principles to manage pastures confidently regardless of the season, situation or system.
  • Satellite-Assisted Forage Budgeting. This package was developed to upskill producers in utilising satellite imagery to develop grazing budgets on a large scale.

Deliverers and producer coaches can develop their own training package to suit targeted producer needs which align with the PGS curriculum.

What has PGS achieved?

Profitable Grazing Systems has been delivered to 59 groups of cattle, sheep and goat producers across Australia, working with 20 coaches.

  • 593 red meat producers engaged
  • Producers averaged a 39% increase in profit achieved *
  • Producers averaged a return on capital from 1.8% to 2.5%*.

*Based on the results from the pilot where participating producers saw an increased return on capital from an average of 1.8% to 2.5%.


State Coordinators:

Name Organisation State Phone Email
Peter Schuster Schuster Consulting Group P/L NSW 0418 604 412
Lyndon Kubeil DEDJTR VIC 0418 532 085
Georgia McCarthy Pinion Advisory TAS 0400 763 904
Georgia Reid-Smith AgPro Management WA 0447 523 110
Elizabeth Thelander MLA QLD & NT 0428 472 983
Ben Hebart DPIR SA 0428 102 904