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BredWell FedWell workshops

BredWell FedWell is a practical, one-day workshop highlighting the key production benefits of superior genetics, plus feed management for improved reproductive performance and livestock productivity.

Producers will be able to use the outcomes of the workshop to help analyse and plan a genetics and nutrition regime suited to their environment and markets to boost profitability.

Workshops focus on:

  • improved understanding of how to use ASBVs/EBVs to improve enterprise profitability
  • how to develop a breeding objective for your sheep or cattle enterprise
  • the impact of better management of breeder nutrition on reproductive performance and profitability
  • skills in developing simple energy budgets for the breeder flock or herd

Practical sessions include condition scoring, feed budgeting and ram and/or bull selection.

The following list includes planned and confirmed workshops for 2021.

If no events are currently planned in your area, please register your interest to attend or host a workshop at the link below.

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