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About EDGEnetwork: its value to you and your business

EDGEnetwork (EDGE) provides tailored, comprehensive, practical learning opportunities in business management, breeding, grazing land management and nutrition through workshops across Australia.

The takeaways will give you additional knowledge and skills to enhance your business and livestock management and positively influence your profitability, sustainability and productivity.

EDGE packages are designed to complement each other


Currently available EDGE packages

Breeding EDGE

Breeding EDGE is a three-day workshop designed to help you evaluate how your breeding program is currently performing and to consider opportunities for improvement. Attending this workshop will help you:

  • evaluate and improve your existing breeding herd management program for reproduction and genetic improvement
  • understand the importance of measures of reproductive performance and reproductive loss
  • identify strategies and management to improve breeding herd performance
  • development of a management plan and program that incorporates practical, achievable strategies to meet your desired objective(s)
  • develop systems for evaluating the success of your strategies and management program.

Business EDGE

Business EDGE is a two-day financial and business management training workshop for all livestock producers. The aim is to enhance producer knowledge and skills in basic financial and business management to improve business efficiency and profitability.

Improving financial and business performance is particularly important given the continuing climate of declining terms of trade, increasing land prices, tightening credit and rapid national and global economic and policy influence affecting enterprises.

Business EDGE Young Guns

Business EDGE Young Guns workshops are for up and coming livestock producers who are ready to build their skills and confidence to manage a modern agricultural business.

Nutrition EDGE

Nutrition EDGE is a three-day workshop providing a comprehensive look at ruminant nutrition to assist producers to better match pasture and feed options to their livestock needs.

The workshop will better enable producers to define production targets for their cattle, sheep and goats and compare current and predicted performance against these production targets.

The workshop covers digestion and nutrients, water requirements, pasture growth, intake and forage budgeting, mineral nutrition, and practical nutritional management.

Grazing Land Management EDGE


Grazing Land Management EDGE workshops have been designed for producers to develop a thorough understanding of the grazing land environment in which they operate.

They aim to provide producers with the knowledge they need to strategically manage their grazing business to optimise land condition and productivity in the long-term and begin developing grazing land management plans for their properties.

Grazing Fundamentals EDGE

Grazing Fundamentals EDGE is a one-day workshop that gives producers a broad understanding of the environment in which they operate and the core principles behind successfully maintaining grazing land condition and long-term productivity.

Find EDGE courses near you

EDGE courses are run across Australia. To find the next EDGE course in your area, visit MLA’s events calendar.