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Sustainability hub

Sustainability hub

The Australian red meat and livestock industry prides itself as being world leaders in sustainability of our environment, our livestock, our people and businesses and our climate. Sustainability goes hand in hand with productivity, profitability and industry longevity. It sits squarely with our 2025 Red Meat strategy to double to value of our products as the trusted source of the highest quality protein and our industry ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Our sustainability story

How our red meat industry’s guardianship of land, livestock and communities makes us part of the climate solution

MLA’s special edition of Feedback magazine delves into our industry’s sustainability journey so far and answers your questions about how red meat producers can take climate action on-farm.

Sustainability videos

MLA’s new sustainability producer-led videos capture the innovation, tools and practice change our livestock producers and the value chain are applying to their businesses to improve their profitability and sustainability.

The long form videos capture the tools and practice change producers and  the value chain are implementing in their business around animal husbandry and welfare, natural capital and biodiversity and carbon neutrality to support their businesses and climate resilience.

The short form videos share with our consumers and the community the stories of sustainability and provenance of Australian red meat and how our producers are caring for their animals, their land and the environment and are part of the climate solution.

MLA Sustainability Corporate Update

The MLA Sustainability Update captures in one place MLA’s key sustainability initiatives and investments aligned to the Australian red meat and livestock industry priorities.

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